Dear Pirate Faithful,

It’s fair to say that the last week has been a difficult one for the club with the passing of larger than life Pirate, Brett Brisbane. For those who were not aware, Brett passed away early last week.

To those who attended Brett’s funeral on Wednesday, Thank You. I have never felt so much pride in wearing the Blue and Tan as I did when Brett’s coffin was wheeled out through our guard of honour. The sheer number of club members that attended showed how loved Brett was as a Pirate, but just as importantly, showed how we as a club stick together through tough times.

To the Brisbane and Calleja families, we send  our deepest sympathies. Brett has left a huge hole in all of our lives and we will honour him accordingly.

To all Pirates, whilst we celebrate Brett’s life as a Pirate, please remember that we are all in this together. Take time to appreciate what we have in life, look after each other through this tough time and never be afraid lean on those around you.

At the request of the families and in memory of Brett, if you have a spare few dollars, please donate    

Love to All  

Jamie Rhodes
POBFC President